Special Deal for Christmas on my book Strong Camino Woman

As a gesture of thanks this Christmas I have lowered the price of my book to 99 cents. It is an easy read about my solo Camino Frances adventure. There are quotes, journal and blog entries, and prayers. Stories about people I met along the way are included.

I am very pleased with the number of downloads of the 15% free portion of my book. And I look forward to comments and reviews of the book. Please feel free to be honest in your appraisal.

You can get the free portion or all of it at http://www.smashwords.com by typing in Strong Camino Woman.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Helping Others This Christmas

It is far better to give than to receive. This has been said by many people and I believe it is true. I love to give my husband and family gifts but would rather others give their money and gifts to those less fortunate. Often we hear ‘But who are the less fortunate?’

I’ll share with you some of my thoughts on who these people are. They can be those without food and shelter. The man or woman sitting on the sidewalk downtown could be one of these individuals. The lady in the line ahead of you at the second hand store, the one holding on to her little child’s hand, rooting in her pocket for her little bit of change. The two old people walking slowly with no one around to help with their groceries or their walkway in Winter weather, who get by on small pensions, could be in this category. The mentally ill who feel misunderstood and unloved may be people who need our kindness.

Some people think they have to give hundreds of dollars. That is not the only way to give. Dropping off a meal to a neighbour or surprising a single parent with a chicken or turkey is an option. Sharing your extra coats or boots with a person who has none or passing out muffins or sandwiches to people on strike-all are in need of your generosity.

I once met a lovely lady at Cabot College who shared a story about how each holiday she and her family set an extra place at their table in case some lonely soul drops in. I thought about this story often over the years. Another family provides snowsuits, boots, caps and mittens for another family in their neighborhood, giving up any gifts for themselves.

So this Christmas instead of your usual way of sending money away, decide how you might help others closer to home. Perhaps you can be creative and help the starving in Africa and the needy down the street.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Third Anniversary on WordPress

After 452 posts, 105 followers and 25000+ views and many comments! I’m pretty psyched today. Thanks WordPress for providing this platform for ordinary writers like me to express ourselves without spending a dime!

A lot has happened in these three years and many memories have been shared on my blogs! I hope you continue to read and perhaps you will be inspired to write your own blog.

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Have You Ever Thought About This?

It is strange as I stare at my clock at 5 a.m. that I think these bizarre insights. I am sure others think them but never write them down.

There are too many fast food businesses these days and people find it way too easy to frequent them.

Of certain wonderful stores such as The Travel Bug there should be one in every city.

People who leave their garbage all over the place should be given hefty fines and made to do community service.

Instead of buying there should be more bartering and exchange of services.

Friends should drop in on friends at least once every month.

Families should eat at the table at least once a day.

Books should be shared and magazines offered to neighbours and friends.

All dog owners should walk with their dogs and pick up their mess.

Trails should be monitored so that everyone feels safer.

Downtown streets should have cameras and visible police presence at all hours of the day.

Good nutritious foods such a fruits, veggies, milk, flour, fish, meat and spices should be cheaper so all adults can afford them.

Gambling machines should be removed from restaurants, bars and neighborhood establishments.

Pubs and bars should be responsible for bringing drinkers home.

Repeat cab customers should have a discounted rate.

Feel free to add a few of your own. I will post some of them.


       Map seen on Camino Portugues

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Thrifty Me-I saved $10 today!

Last week I visited the Shoe Hospital on Duckworth St. in St. John’s and the guy had no time for me. That’s right. He started to look for my shoes without listening to me. I ended up asking my question a second time “How much to get my leather shoes polished?”

“Around $10,” mumbled the young man.

I walked away from the store feeling that the price seemed more than I wanted to pay. I’m a retiree and I watch every dollar. I love bargains and I love saving money.

Today while looking for scotch tape in a bottom drawer, I came across some brown shoe polish, with a brush and cloth. So I took out my expensive Naot shoes and spent 15 minutes, rubbing on the polish and brushing until my shoe looked great. Take a look..


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A Great Egret Sighted in St. Shotts on Nov. 5 and 6, 2014

I’m calling it a great egret, but I did not see it. I wish I had seen it as my husband said it was a beautiful sight. It has a white body, long legs and neck, and yellow bill. I did a google search and found this photo.

St. Shotts’ coordinates
46.6328 degrees N
53.5872 degrees W


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25000 Views on Blog

25000 Views on Blog.

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