Apologies to Readers

I think I missed the Strawberry festival in Pasadena this year! Mea Culpa

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Australians On The Camino de Santiago

I was feeling quite inadequate as a walker after walking with my Aussie companion Judy. She was a few years older than me and svelte. I thought about the childbirth I had endured on three sons but that was no excuse for my big belly. Too much bread and too little walking were the culprits. And my general stress level while teaching. Okay, so we all know our own weaknesses and stressors, but that is no excuse to become a couch potato and computer lounger at 58!

I met a lovely photographer named Sean, also from Australia. He loved to talk and I love to ask questions, so we learned a lot in the minutes we spent in several places- an alberigue and a cafe. He promised to take my photo if he saw me walking. He did pass me and got me on my worst day but I am still waiting for the photo. He wrote down my name and address back at an alberigue.

Margaret was from New Zealand and it was nice walking with her and sleeping in a bunk besides hers one noisy night. She had trouble with her knees, I heard later from Judy. She had to take the bus part of the way. A very nice lady!

If you want to read more about this walk in Spain, check out http://www.smashwords.com. My ebook is called Strong Camino Woman. 15% is free. Happy reading!

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If you want to learn about the caminos, go to this site. Link and share because the information is provided by many camino travellers. I’ve been reading it for years.

http://www.caminoforums.com has been very helpful to me when planning my first two caminos.

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Day To Day Life of a Newfoundland Woman

I am not so different from other women. I wake some days and jump out of bed, enthusiastically looking forward to a nice shower and eggs for breakfast. I putter around until I go to meet some friends for a coffee and a chat. Sometimes I sit around in my nightdress until 11 or later hoping for some energy or inspiration for writing. Though I love to do caminos I really dont like to walk far around my town.

Today I had to make a decision to buy tire and rim insurance or not. Knowing how bad the roads are on the Avalon Peninsula, I decided to fork over the $918. Whew! That was a lot and now Im really broke. These decisions are difficult for me. But fear of pothole damage made it a little easier.

Yesterday I had some kind of stomach bug and wondered if my tuna sandwich contained a bacteria. At the best of times my stomach can react to stress or unusual foods. If I have pop with fish and chips I can have a bad stomach immediately. I know this but I make myself suffer once a month.

Even dealing with face cleansing causes stress when one is nearly 60. I bought night and day creams at duty free last camino and this one. Last week I picked up a matching L’Oreal cleanser. The cleaning sheets I bought when on sale leave a residue on my face. Each morning I have to fight with myself to cleanse my face and put on the day cream and sunscreen. It has to be a very social day before I put on foundation. Usually it would have to be a special event before I apply eye shadow, mascara and blush. It is just too much of a chore. If I stay at home all day I just wash my face.

I can understand why some people wear the same clothes day after day. It is not dirty usually. And it takes less time and thinking. For example today I decided to wear my new green shorts I bought at Sears. Then what top should I wear with it? What a minor but major problem!! One beige top I tried had one big stain which irritated me. Then a lovely floral top my husband bought for me came to mind. It looked nice but it was too see through. Then a new white top I had bought in Spain was tried on but it revealed too much as well. An One Earth top went on next. Oh, this was getting so frustrating. In the end I settled on a white sleeveless top that showed my big bruise and my batty arms!!!

So Im not even out the door! I need to put two bags of clothes Im donating into my trunk. Am I going to visit my new Chinese friends? I put a bag in the car just in case I go there. Im meeting my second camino walking buddy so I take the cd of photos I made for her at Walmart. I poke in a book that Im writing my How My Childhood Influenced My Teaching stories in, just in case Im bored.

I put up the garage door, back out my car, and close and lock two doors. I sit in the car and realize Im not going anywhere without my Samsung Galaxy 2. It is on the table in the living room! It is not even 8 a.m. yet.
On my way I check our mailbox as it is easier to drive on than on my return. No mail except for a Bell Mobility flyer. No, Im not paying $100 more each month!

After a small breakfast I leave to pick up some groceries which end costing more than my list which I couldnt find when I got to Dominion. My fridge was looking bare so I needed all items

I call a friend and pop over for a coffee and a chat. And so the day unfolds. I drive carefully home to find my lightest clothes. I hate hot days. I hate smearing sunscreen all over my body.

I neglect my writing as the heat is stifling. Soon we will need air conditioning in our Newfoundland homes.

Check out my faster moving ebook Strong Camino Woman at

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Buying on Ebay

Ive been buying on ebay for 15 years but today Im considering closing my account. I bought walking sticks and the Buy It Now price was $99 U.S. And beneath it was $105.60 Can. So I didnt go to any currency converter. I believed ebay as I never had any reason to doubt them.

When I saw my Paypal transactions it showed $108.90 taken from my Visa
So what is going on? Paypal says contact ebay. Ebay didnt give me a place to send a question but said they would call or I can call them. Im not sure if I have to pay long distance so I hesitate. I will call tomorrow when I find out.

The seller said he only received $105 so is Paypal taking $3.90 of my money? If Paypal says contact ebay, how am I going to get answers? HELP!!!

YES, I have bought 139 items and this is the first time I feel this frustrated! I lost about $30 when a bikini bottom got lost going to the U.K. Paying postage insurance would probably cost that much! There are times when I wonder why I havent quit before this.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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Scanning Code of Practice or SCOP

Most of you probably have never heard of the Scanning Code of Practice. I had never heard about until I visited a popular store in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland. I will keep the store unnamed as it could get the check out lady in trouble. I picked up a cleanser in the cosmetics section as I noticed it was on sale for $8.49, and I had no idea what the regular price was.

At the checkout a $12.49 charge was coming up. Right away I told the lady and she said “Come with me and we will check it out.” This was a first for me. No person leaves her position and checks on a price. Another person looks it up.

When we reached the shelf this lovely worker saw that last week’s price was displayed. She said in a low voice “Have you heard of the scanning code of practice?” I nodded no. She explained ” If you ask me for the item free I have to give it to you. When a higher price comes up and we investigate and find out that a lower price is displayed, you get it free. But you have to ask.” So I asked….

Instead of paying $25 for my items that day, I paid just over $12. That was a pleasant surprise! Now why dont you try it next time you are shopping? I heard that Target doesnt honour it, but with a little pressure they might be convinced that it is in their best interest.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Here it states if it is $10 or less, but I got the $12.49 item free.

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To feel the ear…

To feel the earth beneath your feet and to gain confidence from knowing that you can walk 1000 km if you want to- is knowing that you are alive and living for the day, one footstep at a time!
by Camino walker Pauline Finlay who did two caminos to the best of her ability

I walked 550 km on Camino Frances, skipping the meseta because of time constraints, and 450km of Camino Portugues. You can read 15% free of Strong Camino Woman at http://www.smashwords.com, about my first camino. If you enjoy it please pass on to your friends.

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