The 2014 St. Shotts’ Weekend That Had Some Twists and Turns

Friday night was one of the worst nights that we have ever experienced, with thunder and lightening that was scary. But all of that happened after midnight. Before that there was heavy downpours but that didn’t hamper the fireworks and then the bonfire on the beach. My husband and I watched the beautiful fireworks from our front room window.

On Saturday morning we just had our kettle boiled when the power went, came back and then went for good…until nearly 10 p.m. This threw a monkey wrench into our day as we had planned to have fried fish for our guests who would be arriving around noon. The river race went ahead and the sun shone brightly. Our guests were content with sandwiches, raisin buns, bakeapple and rhubarb jam and date squares. The beer and wine were still cool, so no problems there!

My husband hooked up a small generator and kept one refrigerator going. We wondered how we would cook our chicken wings for the 5 o’clock potluck in the community hall. Peter again figured that out after our afternoon of bakeapple picking. He boiled the wings in a big pot on the barbecue and later drained the water and poured honey garlic sauce on them and simmered them in our roasting pan.

The sun was shining for the cemetery mass, and folks had no trouble finding the hall for the potluck supper. We were surprised by how much food was there. There seemed to be just as much food as ever and someone had even boiled water for tea or coffee on a propane unit outside the building. The committee members never skipped a beat! Kudos to all of them!

Then people were wondering if the dance was going ahead, and an announcement was made that it would be taking place, with or without electricity. Fine St. Shotts’ spirit!

Sure enough the band arrived and the hall was in full swing! What a night of laughter and fun! Considering there are only about 60-70 people living in this tiny community most of the time, to pull off an event for over 200 is no mean feat. All residents and visitors appreciated the involvement of committees and volunteers who gave of their time, hard work and abilities to make this an unforgettable weekend, despite the inclement weather starting it off and on Sunday afternoon and with the added burden of power stoppage. Hats off to the volunteers and the good ole Newfoundland spirit! It’s alive and well in the tiny community of St. Shotts!

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Last Day of Food Fishery August 2014

Last Day of Food Fishery August 2014.

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Last Day of Food Fishery August 2014


Just drove out on the shore to take a couple pictures of my husband and our guests going out to jigg some fish. This couple was overjoyed to be catching 10 fish for themselves. My husband Peter had been a fisherman for 40 years so they are in very capable hands.

Since I am at home cooking dinner for all of us I have a few minutes to write up some thoughts on this day in St. Shotts. I ate a big breakfast so I wouldn’t chance going on the water as the last time I was out I got terribly seasick. And I swore if I ever went again it would be on an empty stomach.

So the meal is all ready to cook slowly until the good folks are back on land. It may not take very long as they can only get 5 codfish each, a total of 15 per boat. How foolish is that, when 10 each would cut down on the expense of going out twice to get that number of fish!

The Liniden Walkie Talkie just rang but I pressed the right side button, which was probably the wrong one, and nothing happened. I held in the left side button and there was a lot of noise. No one said a word, so I’m baffled. I’ve used the gadget before so now I’m wondering if there is a problem or if the call was for someone else.

The coffee is strong and good, so I am sitting here wondering about the conversation in the boat and another call comes in. The three fisher persons are in to the wharf with their 15 fish. Already…not even an hour!


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Oh, The Heat In Newfoundland This Past July 2014

Many Newfoundlanders go South every Winter. Not me! I like 20-24 degrees Celsius, no higher. One day this July the temperature was nearly 40 degrees with the humidity. I have no AC unit or fans. I call fans noise pollution. I could live in a cabin in the woods with no lawn mowers or snow blowers to keep me from a good nap.

When I walked two caminos, I encountered some hot days and struggled to keep going. In Spain and Portugal I did not hear one lawn mower or quad. Horses nibbled at the grass. Transportation was on feet or bicycles and small tractors did much of the work. Often men and women were seen pushing wheelbarrows or carts. Heat did not impede their work.

I have no idea what to do on hot days. I don’t tan, after an encounter with melanoma. I don’t trust sun screens. I’ve never used a tanning bed. I am retired so there is no need to go outside unless it is to take advantage of AC in the malls or in my car. It is too hot to do housework. I can wash clothes and hang them on the clothesline to dry quickly. So, you can see, I’m not sure how to spend these days.

Hot days are for the birds! They don’t seem to mind. How about you?

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Apologies to Readers

I think I missed the Strawberry festival in Pasadena this year! Mea Culpa

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Australians On The Camino de Santiago

I was feeling quite inadequate as a walker after walking with my Aussie companion Judy. She was a few years older than me and svelte. I thought about the childbirth I had endured on three sons but that was no excuse for my big belly. Too much bread and too little walking were the culprits. And my general stress level while teaching. Okay, so we all know our own weaknesses and stressors, but that is no excuse to become a couch potato and computer lounger at 58!

I met a lovely photographer named Sean, also from Australia. He loved to talk and I love to ask questions, so we learned a lot in the minutes we spent in several places- an alberigue and a cafe. He promised to take my photo if he saw me walking. He did pass me and got me on my worst day but I am still waiting for the photo. He wrote down my name and address back at an alberigue.

Margaret was from New Zealand and it was nice walking with her and sleeping in a bunk besides hers one noisy night. She had trouble with her knees, I heard later from Judy. She had to take the bus part of the way. A very nice lady!

If you want to read more about this walk in Spain, check out My ebook is called Strong Camino Woman. 15% is free. Happy reading!

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If you want to learn about the caminos, go to this site. Link and share because the information is provided by many camino travellers. I’ve been reading it for years. has been very helpful to me when planning my first two caminos.

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