Have You Ever Thought About This?

It is strange as I stare at my clock at 5 a.m. that I think these bizarre insights. I am sure others think them but never write them down.

There are too many fast food businesses these days and people find it way too easy to frequent them.

Of certain wonderful stores such as The Travel Bug there should be one in every city.

People who leave their garbage all over the place should be given hefty fines and made to do community service.

Instead of buying there should be more bartering and exchange of services.

Friends should drop in on friends at least once every month.

Families should eat at the table at least once a day.

Books should be shared and magazines offered to neighbours and friends.

All dog owners should walk with their dogs and pick up their mess.

Trails should be monitored so that everyone feels safer.

Downtown streets should have cameras and visible police presence at all hours of the day.

Good nutritious foods such a fruits, veggies, milk, flour, fish, meat and spices should be cheaper so all adults can afford them.

Gambling machines should be removed from restaurants, bars and neighborhood establishments.

Pubs and bars should be responsible for bringing drinkers home.

Repeat cab customers should have a discounted rate.

Feel free to add a few of your own. I will post some of them.


       Map seen on Camino Portugues

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Thrifty Me-I saved $10 today!

Last week I visited the Shoe Hospital on Duckworth St. in St. John’s and the guy had no time for me. That’s right. He started to look for my shoes without listening to me. I ended up asking my question a second time “How much to get my leather shoes polished?”

“Around $10,” mumbled the young man.

I walked away from the store feeling that the price seemed more than I wanted to pay. I’m a retiree and I watch every dollar. I love bargains and I love saving money.

Today while looking for scotch tape in a bottom drawer, I came across some brown shoe polish, with a brush and cloth. So I took out my expensive Naot shoes and spent 15 minutes, rubbing on the polish and brushing until my shoe looked great. Take a look..


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A Great Egret Sighted in St. Shotts on Nov. 5 and 6, 2014

I’m calling it a great egret, but I did not see it. I wish I had seen it as my husband said it was a beautiful sight. It has a white body, long legs and neck, and yellow bill. I did a google search and found this photo.

St. Shotts’ coordinates
46.6328 degrees N
53.5872 degrees W


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25000 Views on Blog

25000 Views on Blog.

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25000 Views on Blog

Thanks for all my followers out there in the world for all your reading. I have nearly 500 posts and 1400 comments. It seems like only yesterday when I decided to blog. Since then I’ve written about many topics, from toutons to strawberry picking, from walks around Quidi Vidi to East Coast Travel jaunts, from camino Frances to Camino Portugues. I’ve discussed all three books which are now on the Best Seller Lists (just kidding!) and my many adventures to staying sane in retirement. I still have 20 copies of my book for teachers, about 40 copies of 48 stories related to St. Shotts by 36 writers and endless copies of my June ebook Strong Camino Book, which is available at smashwords.com and Apple.

I’m no great writer, and I acknowledge that but I do get some satisfaction in getting my opinions and ideas typed on this blog. Others cringe at the thoughts of discussing points of view, I consider it my right to express myself. And I really enjoy reading others’ blog posts, viewing their pictures and art. It beats tv and doing the same old all the time.

Often I encourage others to write and to not let their stories die with them. I get many surprises. Recently I learned that my relative Michelle Myrick is writing a book which we had discussed months ago. Kudos to you Michelle! A friend from high school is doing essays about getting along in the workplace and has started publishing them for free on LinkedIn. His name is David Bennett. I’m encouraging him to do a book after he finishes 20+ essays. There are now 6 more books in the works, slow going, but all will be finished in due time. Four are my own creations and two are community books. I’m still looking for stories from Pasadena and St. Shotts, Newfoundland. The birthing is slow paced; often I’m relying on others to write down their stories and I know they will write them but it takes months, and years. Then I’m editing my own stories, before sending them to another editor.

So I’m just writing today to say thanks for dropping by once in a while!

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Lemon Tree….Very Pretty but the Fruit of the poor Lemon

Lemons are wonderfully refreshing and are loved my people all over the world. Recently I decided I would make limoncello, the second most popular drink in Italy. I bought a bottle of vodka and 10 lemons. I zested the lemons, reserving the rest of the lemon to be used in homemade lemon pies and in my water. I love two slices squeezed into my large glasses of spring water.

Having zested the lemons, I placed the zest of five lemons in one quart bottle, and the remainder in the other quart bottle. I then measured the vodka into each quart. I shook it vigorously for 10 seconds and placed in my cupboard to be taken down and shook for 10 days. Then I will make a sugar mixture, using two cups of spring water and two cups of sugar, stirring on stove until clear. This I will divide in two and add to each quart. I will leave for a month and then freeze to be used when I need a cold refreshing drink.

If you just place in the fridge, this may last a year. But leave it in the freezer and it can last who knows how long! If you like it, it may not last a month. Enjoy

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Socks for Walking The Caminos and Life

Research is important when one is going to walk 10-30 kilometres every day for a month or longer. Most important of all are backpacks, hiking boots and socks. Before my first camino, Camino Frances, I did a lot of buying and trying out many kinds of socks. I had read on many blog posts about which socks keep your feet comfortable, dry and blister free. I bought Tilley socks, Bridgdale socks and Smartwool liners. I read about people who swore by the liners. Wear the liners and a pair of good hiking socks over the liners. Well, I will tell you my story and give you my conclusions.

The two pairs of Tilley socks were not suitable for hiking, even around St. John’s and Torbay. At least that is my opinion after trying the socks in my Merrell hiking boots. My feet got sweaty. I got blisters. I was not happy with wearing just one pair of socks at a time, and the recommended Tilley socks were too big and bunched up. So I decided to order the Bridgdale socks and this time I tried a small size Smartwool liner pair of socks. While expensive to think I’m wearing nearly $50 worth of socks in my hiking boots, my feet were cool and comfortable. I didn’t get any new blisters and I was foot happy!

Now to relay my experience with my Bridgdale socks on my first camino. I had some Vaseline which I used religiously. I stopped every 1-2 hours to remove the liner and heavier Bridgdale sock. I allowed my feet to breathe and then I lambasted them with Vaseline, put on a new liner(I had two pairs of Smartwool liners) and then placed the Bridgdale socks over the liners. Voila! 550 kilometres later I was still blister free walking into Santiago. I helped some walkers with their feet. I shared sheep’s wool I had been given by my Aussie friend Judy. And I even gave one hiker some of my coveted skin type layer(bought along the camino). But in all, I was gifted by the universe and one forgetful hiker with some salve(green) and another tube of Vaseline. It was sitting all unattended on a picnic table outside one cafĂ©. I trusted that it was good ointment and perhaps it was it, and not the socks, which kept me blister free.

On my second camino I mailed all my new heavier Smartwool socks home, after a week of very hot weather, and wore my Smartwool liners by themselves on several days, or with the Bridgdale socks when the weather turned cooler. I took Penaten cream, a cream used mainly on babies’ bums in Canada, and it worked wonderfully. I thank my friend Carolyn for telling me about this cream. I probably would not have thought about it myself. I would have stuck with the Vaseline.

While I have considered buying the 1000 mile socks, I think I will stick with my Bridgdale and Smartwool ones for the next camino. If you would like to leave a comment about your socks, please do so below. My friend who walked Camino Portugues with me this year had many blisters, but she did not complain. She had bought cheaper socks at the Dollar Store and found them very comfortable. I might try the cheap ones just around home, but when it comes to a long camino in Spain or Portugal or the Via Francigena I would use my expensive socks.

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