To read about c…

To read about camino concerns look at this site

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Gone will be th…

Gone will be the days when you procrastinate. Regrets will be many. Go while you can. Regrets will be few.

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The anticipatio…

The anticipation of the camino causes the journey to start months in advance. I watch youtube videos in languages I don’t understand. I read blogs. I peruse books and guides. The camino is in my soul.


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One pound on your feet=Five pounds on your back

I am trying to pack light for my next camino but Ive decided to take a tent. It weighs a little more than a pound. I tried to remove a pound from clothing and other necessities but it doesnt even register on my scale!  My Gregory Jade backpack is about two pounds. I already have light hiking sneakers Merrell Calia’s, and my North Face sleeping bag is about a pound. This year Ive added a sleeping bag liner because it could be cool at night esp if we are camping out.

I do believe John Brierley is writing his guides for very healthy thirty or forty year olds. Definitely not for nearly sixty year olds who struggle with weight and exercise. Walking 30 km a day is a marathon each day. I know after a week of walking we can do it easily…well maybe! Brierley shows 23 days to do it. I have 29 tops. Bring it on. Perhaps with a lighter pack. We will have to wait and see. Camino Portugues here we come!

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Going Up and Down the Valleys

The Camino Frances was like that often. Pilgrims realize it is not meant to be easy and accept whatever comes their way. I met one lady in Burgos at the modern albergue behind the beautiful cathedral. She had been stopped three days because she could not walk with all the pain. I did some reflexology in her and suddenly there was a lineup of pilgrims. I did three but I was too tired to do more. A lovely Irish girl who had gone to supper with me was willing to do several after I did her feet. It was lovely to see how kind she was. She did her best. The person I had been on the bus with had gone on to supper without me but God sent an Irish angel who told me her story and helped others. Each day held so many hills and valleys.

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Irish Music on the Camino Portugues

This year I must get some music to boost my energy while walking. Someone out there must know the best device for holding a couple hundred ditties. Nothing to make me homesick, but songs to make my legs move faster! Not as much hilly terrain so I can probably tap dance as I mosey along. How about some songs that cheer you up and make you feel 20 or 30 again! Send them to me here if you have time. Also advice on the best and smallest gadget so I can try to keep up with my peregrino buddy this camino.

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I like good new…

I like good it is!
I have a great lady to travel to do my second camino with this year. And it is booked!
Also, my first camino book will be available for $1.99 no later than end of April. Watch out for Strong Camino Woman on Smashwords and other sites. Book #3 since retirement!

Things are finally falling into place for this camino traveller/retiree. Part-time job,travelling,family gatherings…life is good!

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