Have you tried reflexology?

I’m always interested in doing my own healing without drugs. What about you? Do you pop a pill every time you get a pain? Do you see your medical doctor for every little  problem. Think about what you can do to improve your health without getting prescriptions filled. Try something new. You might just love it.

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Reflexology Plus

I’ve been interested in natural medicine for many years. I have done courses in reiki, therapeutic touch, energy medicine, and more recently Reflexology.  I feel that body Reflexology is where I’m heading. I’ve taken my first foot reflexology course from Wild Rose College while visiting one of my sons in Calgary. I was intrigued. Pressing on reflex points in my feet can make me healthier. A few years later while still working full time as a teacher, I did a hand Reflexology course with Footsteps. I fluked into the course by googling  courses in St. John’s. I didn’t do a practicum in this course as I was too busy. I did practice on myself.  My interest waned for a few years. Then after 6 years of retirement I decided to focus more on what I like and what gets me excited. I signed up for a 35 hour course with ASR in Atlantic Canada. This course was informative and hands-on.  It also includes a 65 session practicum(165 Hours), and tests. So you could say I’m still travelling. I did the course in Dartmouth. Soon I’ll sign up for ear and face reflexology(2separate courses). And then lymph drainage and Indian Head Massage.

So more travel to Halifax, Moncton and St. John.

Ive made some new friends during my practicum. I’ve also advertised as a student Reflexologist. And this is at a reduced rate. The students in my courses are very interesting and the clients are wonderful individuals.

Recently I’ve decided to register as a Naturotherapist. Clients can bill their insurance for these sessions, if their insurance recognizes naturotherapists as health providers for stress, relaxation, circulation etc.  So you can tell I’ve been busy, gathering up all my certificates, university transcripts, letters and forms. I’m also doing three courses from the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development, which adds 120 hours to my total hours of study. 400 hours are needed to register as a Naturotherapist

Sorry if I’ve bored you to death! If you like reiki and/or Reflexology, you probably know where I’m going with all of this.

There is one thing you can help me with, if you like to contribute to other’s success/progress. I’m trying to come up with a name for my business. I plan on travelling to other communities in good weather months to do Reflexology. Also, I will go to people’s homes, if requested by females/seniors. Here are some of the names Ive considered: Island Reflexology, Newfoundland Reflexology Plus, Body Holistics, Reflex Energetics and Healing Energetics. I’d like your input. Feel free to comment on anything I’ve written

Still travelling but for different reasons!

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Don’t Let Your Clarks Mules Lie In Closet

I’m very disappointed as I had to throw three pairs of my Clarks clogs/mules in the garbage. Yes, I had them about 10-15 years but they were new and hardly worn. I think I will wear out all my shoes and not buy any for another 10 years. I contacted Clarks but no help in getting the shoes fixed or no replacement given. The glue breaks down eventually and the shoes come apart. No recycling of the beautiful leather or swapping for another pair. Clarks, I think you owe me big time! Your image is forever tainted in my eyes.

When I was teaching I wore Clarks a lot. My feet were comfy until I got spur heels and bought Naot and Finn and Birkenstocks.  The Clarks did not offer enough support. My doctor said “You’re too  old to be wearing clogs!” I was not happy coming home with that idea in my head. I continued to wear them in school.

The embarrassment of wearing my new red mules to a Christmas party and after 5 minutes looking down to see them in shambles!

If you have any old Clarks you should take them out of your closet and walk around in each pair for an hour. Hope yours are still held together.


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Think Outside The Box-A Unique Craft and Gift Shop in Torbay NL

The address is 1521 Torbay Road in Torbay, Newfoundland and if you are coming to St. John’s, the oldest English-founded city in North America, you have to take a 10 minute drive on Torbay Road to find this unique shop. Don’t let the exterior of the building scare you off. I’m betting that the interior is nothing like you’ve ever encountered. The owners/operators Ted Muise and Ray White work in the business and they are there to answer your every question. I found Ted to be a very patient and upfront entrepreneur. He took the time to converse with each potential buyer/visitor.  Let me say and I’ve heard others say that this shop is ‘one you come back to again and again.’ Having spent almost an hour in the place I can see myself returning often.

The newly defined spaces include an antiques/vintage room, a Christmas room and an Ends and Bits room plus  other spaces. It is a bungalow with each room defined by different treasures.  From the rock pictures on the walls to knitted gloves by a skilled knitter to classy earrings done by new vendors and many other unusual items, there is something for everyone.  I was surprised by the wreaths and wooden art. They made me laugh out loud at times.  There are paintings by Brenda Rowe, art prints by several Newfoundland artists, books by Newfoundland writers and sweater sets for children. I loved the way the items are tastefully displayed! There are two very large display cases for some of the more valuable items such as sealskin earrings and bracelets. A fake tree holds many ornaments in the Christmas Room. In time I would like to see beautiful handcrafted ornaments made by Newfoundlanders.  There are many possibilities for a business such as this kind. The table runners are beautifully done. I’m sure tree skirts and placemats are in the works already!

Yes, there are items that are like flea market finds, some made in China, but it is a place for everyone. You’ll find boxes, racks, shelves, tables, hooks and many neat ways of showing off the wares! There are costume jewelry and silver rings, picture frames and candles. There are fun playful items and stuff you might not give a second glance, but the vendors who take pride in their workmanship- their work is displayed here tastefully.  Your eyes and brain will be challenged to see everything! Having visited hundreds of craft establishments, and seeing Newfoundland gifts and crafts all over our island,  I promise you that you won’t be disappointed! Ignore what doesn’t appeal to you and focus on the unique dish or scarf or earrings.  The shop is your oyster and finding the pearl may take much exploration!

Drop in if you are in the area. You will find it difficult to walk out of the shop without acquiring an original craft or piece of art. If it’s depression glass you like or Norman Rockwell plates you desire, you may find more than you imagined! You may need to go back often once you find this little gem of a shop. Happy exploring!

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Read An Ebook

Ebooks are popular by many readers these days. They are fast to select and pay for. You can download them on many devices and you do not clutter up your home. Did I mention that they are also cheaper and environmentally friendly? So you have a fatter bank balance and a cleaner planet!  Not bad for readers and ultimately writers.

Ebooks are great for new writers who like to be creative and express themselves. A friend on my blog helped me choose a cover.  She helped format it too!  My daughter-in-law edited it.  My son uploaded it.  So the final copy was a joy for me. Over 200 people downloaded the free 15% part so far!

My 2014 ebook is found at http://www.smashwords.com and it is about an adventure I took on Camino Frances and for this week it is half price. I left my home and travelled to Bayonne in France by myself. I found the place where most pilgrims start the 790km walk and walked most of it. I started solo but met up with amazing people along the way.  The title is Strong Camino Woman. Hope you try it and let me know what you think. You can also google it and buy it many other places, including Apple iTunes.

This Camino is the one Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez walked in their film  called The Way.  I hope you take a chance and spend the $1.50 learning about my journey.

Thanks for reading!

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Don’t Get Scammed Like Me!

Just pay the postage and you can get tubes of skin care of Angelina Jolie’s line. Like a fool I believed! When the box arrived, I was on my way to Halifax so I didn’t open it.  But a few days later, I got billed $99.95 US. Quickly I called my bank and had the Visa cancelled. Pearlyskin, Abellamayfair, and perhaps many other names owed me $135 Can dollars. Boy, was I mad!

I’m not one to give up, so I started a battery of emails to everyone I heard from at abellamayfair. I asked them to refund my money in full.  They offered $30 US. I wouldn’t agree.  They offered $50 but I insisted on the full amount.  I said I would put in a complaint with the BBB and the RCMP.  I pleaded with them to do the right thing.  I told them that they were scammers and preyed on the elderly! They had the gall to tell me it was all legitimate.  The small print said I agreed to the trial and within 14 days my Visa would be billed.  I saw no such thing when I signed up.  I read very carefully. So I would like to inform all of my readers not to give your Visa to pay just the postage.  It is a scam! The two small containers I received are not worth a hundred dollars US.  If I hadn’t stopped them from billing my Visa, they were ready to charge another $90 for the second tubo e!

To bring you up to date, with many emails and calls to the BBB and my bank, I discovered that you can get your money refunded if you are persistent. I received $50 US back and if I had not threatened to go to the police and get my bank to put a claim in, I would not have received another message that they had refunded the last $49.95 owed to me.  They asked me to send back the package and send them the tracking number.  Instead I said I would only give them their own tracking number as I hadn’t opened the products.  I said I was not paying another $20 to send their garbage back to them. I have to wait to see if the second refund is actually done, as it takes a few days for it to show up on the Visa statement.

So I beg you not to be as foolish as I was to try to get Angelina’s skincare line for $13 Can dollars.  I’m sure most of you would not fall for this scheme, but if you have been scammed and are feeling bad about it, contact the BBB and keep hounding the people who email you from the company. Cancel your Visa card immediately and report it in any way you can to keep these scammers from making their money through this tricky scheme.

Be aware that a trial is not a free sample! So I was told by about 10 people from their company. These scammers use many different names.  Their English is not perfect. The ads look legit, and there is a disclaimer that states they do not guarantee that these products will work for you.  Think “Where is the research? Do I want to put untested creams on my face?” Enough said.  If just one of you learn from my stupidity I will be happy.



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Giving Thanks This Christmas

So much gloom and doom in the news and in the world! Who wants to concentrate on a baby in a manger? Well, I do.  All children everywhere, but in particular the tiny babe born of a virgin and hailed by all as the the one the world was waiting for, to save us all!  I’m not a religious person, I just like to do good to all I meet, but the idea of all the parents bringing children into the world these days, and bringing them up to become good individuals is worthy of my contemplation.  This year I have a new little granddaughter Charlotte and I’m feeling very blessed.

The beauty and loveliness of a tiny baby is not lost on many people in my world.  The tiny fingers and toes and the helplessness of this miracle child fills our hearts with joy.  We wish the best for the little boy or girl.  We offer help to the parents. We pray for all good things for the wee one. We wish he or she had not been born into our troubled environment, with wars and diseases and environmental challenges. Many things are out of our hands, there is only so much we can do and that thinking only gets us so far. We help out trying to improve our world for the next generation, but we often fall short or feel helpless ourselves.

If we can stretch our thinking back to the world of Mary and Joseph, where a single mother was pregnant and was carrying such a special child.  Joseph had to believe Mary, that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  She had been visited by an angel to be told she was the holy woman chosen to carry the son of God. This boggles our minds that anyone would believe all of this today, and imagine how difficult it must have been back over thousands of years ago.  This child must have been so loved by His parents, just as our children give great purpose to our lives.  A small child came to show the way to His Father, and to save us from our sins!

So when you look into the faces of your children and other children, try to see the beauty of that child. See the good in him or her. Who knows what this child will do in our world! Respect his/her rights and do your best for him/her.  Try not to impress a child with material possessions, the nicest jewelry, the fanciest car, the snazziest dress or suit. Teach a child about the simple things, laughter and love.  Provide secure families for our children. Inspire the child with acts of love and charity. Take the child to a homeless shelter and serve the men and women a simple lunch.  Donate to animal shelters. Clean up your neighborhood. Recycle whenever possible. Visit seniors’ homes with gifts of music or baking. Children do not need tons of toys but they do need lots of love and guidance.

If you are not at all religious, think about the children in our world.  How can we best do right by them? How can we use our skills to help build self esteem and self confidence? How can we grow them into empathic individuals? Think respect and responsibility. In whatever way we can, teach them to respect others, all races and colors and languages. Respect jobs people do. We have so many opportunities these days, but we need to teach the responsibilities that go along with our many advantages.

Just do your best! Merry Christmas to all of you!


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