In Serdio Today April 24/2015

No one here speaks English but I wanted to try Apple cider, only to find I’d have to buy a bottle for 3 euros. Sidra de manzanna . I googled it. No, I didn’t want to throw away 90% of it. 

I followed the yellow arrows today and while the asphalt was hell on my feet, the views are spectacular. I feel lazy today when I could have walked twice as far. 

Upon arriving I was told I could have a room upstairs for 10 euros, instead of 5 euros at the owner’s albergue. I asked if anyone else was here and told I am the only one. Now it seems there are more people. 

I ordered bacon and eggs and Coke Cola. It came with home fries and a basket of bread also. All for 8.50 euros. I kept the bread to have with the cheese and olives I bought yesterday. 

Tomorrow I walk to Colombres. The Irish and the French lads will go home tomorrow. They walk each year for a week. The Irish talked and giggled for ages after lights out last night. They are on holidays after all. Nice in the light of day but thorns at night when one is exhausted. The snoring and farting of 20 tired and/or drunken pilgrims does not make a great memory of the Camino Del Norte.

Here are some photos from today’s travels which show the green hills of Espana.


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Tortilla and Cafe con Leche in St Vicente de La Barquera April 23/2015

     Left Comillas at 8:30 am without food  and walked the Camino trail but it was mostly asphalt roads. I walked with Angela from Australia who lives in Sidney six months of the year and travels the other six months. 

We chatted briefly with Rita from Austria who has a bad heart and walks two kilometres an hour. I went to Vespers and mass back in the abbey with her. 

I felt drained without food so I found this lovely Cafe and ordered tortilla and Cafe con Leche. The owner was ver helpful in explaining where the albergue is. He owns the Cafe 7 years . 


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Comillas Memorable April 22

Arrived in old part of Comillas too early to get into the albergue but an old lady offered to keep my backpack and sticks until opening time at 3 pm. 

Stayed in an Abby for 5 euros last night and attended Vespers and mass this morning. Except for 4 loud Irish lads who lasted until 1 am. All was fine. You get what you pay for sometimes.  No Cafe opened so no supper and couldn’t stay until 9 this morning for breakfast.  

Arrived before 11 and had a lovely breakfast for 3 euro. Then went to albergue and finally touristic office. Found Gaudis house and spent 5 euros to see this amazing place.  


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One of the Best Albergues and the Couple Deserves Awards

it is the next albergue after Guemes and Maria Neige and Jose Ramon are just two super albergue owners. The house is 250 years old and had formerly been an albergue on the road of royalty. There were roads designated roads of the Kings because all the riches of the regions were carried to the Kings by horses and carts many years ago. 

This couple welcomes you with open arms as if you were a longlost relative. There is beer if you desire one or tea made with a lot of love by Jose. 

The house is beautifully decorated and well maintained. Art and artifacts grace every corner. 

Supper and breakfast are prepared and nothing is scrimped. A meeting is held about the next part of the Camino. A piano and other instruments are available for playing. The fire is kept going in the old fireplace. 

Hugs and kisses are given after all that care. I recommend this Albergue to all pilgrims of Camino del Norte. 

It is La Santa Cruz Albergue, 22 Santa Cruz Avda. 39100 Bezana. Telephone 659178806 or 630249670. 


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On Way to Santander

in Somo eating lunch and then a short walk to the ferry.

I will post some photos later

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Love Guemes and The Alberigue

it seemed to take all day to get here but it was worthwhile in the end.  A ride by a lovely couple got me here in great spirits. 

This alberigue is by donation but we had to attend a meeting about the place. I will let the pictures say it all.   


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Laredo and Sedona Today

it was difficult getting out of Liendo today.  The rain soaked us. I made a new friend who likes to walk slow like me but she is half my age. 

We decided to walk the road but then followed a yellow arrow around in circles to Laredo. We had a nice lunch and I sat and rubbed cream on my feet and put on dry socks and my new Skechers. Then we walked the 5km tiled road to the ferry. 

We arrived after a long walk around the fishing dock. The youth hostel is lovely for 9.75 euros and I was the first Newfoundlander to put my name on the world map, stating I stayed here. 

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