25 Reasons To Visit Pasadena During Come Home Year 2012

 1. You get to spend some time on the beach soaking up the rays. Don’t forget to use sunscreen! If you have children they can build castles and also try to  bury you in the sand.
English: Sandcastles created on South Padre Is...

Try something like this one

2. You can wear that new hoodie or t-shirt or hat that you bought from the committee and know that you are supporting the town with your hard-earned money. Of course, it goes without saying that you can show off your figures!

Lovely jacket with logo

3. You get to meet up with friends from your childhood or teenage years.  Also you get to see how some people have aged so gracefully. Your children can get to know cousins and your school friends. You might even get to see old boyfriends or girlfriends and be thankful you’re married to the one you chose!

Friends Ready For A Photo

4. You get to party with some of your old pals and perhaps have a wiener roast like when you were a teenager.  You get to enjoy the Sharecroppers and other wonderful bands. Dance the night away!
Fire on the Beach in Utah
  5. Bring a tent or trailer and camp in relatives’  backyards.  They will cook up big pots of chili, goulash, soup and some of your favorites like jiggs dinner and fish and chips. You can also visit the Oasis or other local restaurants for great food.

Tents by meadow

Tents For Sleeping/Resting

Credit to Pasadena Come Home Year Page on Facebook from Public Photos/Merchandise
6. You get to see all the wonderful roads we now have in our fair town! Also, you can use the new roads to Corner Brook and Deer Lake.  Just spectacular driving!
7. You can experience the resort feel in the Oasis Restaurant right on the beach!
8. You can book some fancy rooms down at the ski resort or at Humber Valley Resort.
9. You get to choose a new home for your retirement in the newly developed areas in behind Midland Row! Or stay with friends who live there!
10. You can take a picture of yourself standing under your surname if your family was one of the first settlers.
11. You get to visit Gifts of Joy, where you can buy a gift for just about any occasion.
12. You can hire a boat to take a ride on the lake.
13. Not sure if Canadian Helicopters is available for taking people for rides above the town, but it might be a great experience for the whole family.  (Let me know if this is a possiblitly, Larry.)
14. Have a picnic above the town. Bring a picnic basket with you and a cooler.  You can find a spot on the beach or way in past all the development in past Midland Row.
15. Take a trip down to Corner Brook and stop at Shellbird Island for photos and also get a picture of the Man in the Mountain (We always called it a native person with a big feather stuck in his hair!)
16.  You can visit the farms around and discover the acres that Mr. Earle bought to start his big farm. Take children to pick berries at the u-picks.
17. Go to the town office and meet the Mayor. Learn all about the town from the town workers. There are brochures about the history of the town.
18. You can visit the old post office, which I believe is still the same post office (possibly renovated) since I was a child. Buy some postcards of the area beforehand and let each child send one to a relative living away stating “Having such a great time at Pasadena Come Home Year celebrations! Wish you were here!”
19. Plan a photography walk around the town, pointing out the landmarks. End up at the sports field where your children can unwind before going home for the night.
20. Gros Morne National Park is so close that you try to make room in your visit to go there for a whole day and climb Gros Morne Mountain. Also, enjoy a swim at the swimming pool while you are there.
21. Get married on Pasadena Beach! Did I say this one already?  Invite everyone and you’d have the largest celebration ever to go ahead in Pasadena.
22. Go to the library and read all that has been written about the town. Make a copy of all you find, for future generations.
23. Interview some of the seniors who will tell you many stories that have been passed down to them.
24. Go for a long walk on the ski trail.  Bring along some friends in case you meet a bear!  A can of bear spray might be a good idea, as well.  (As I was writing this, I kept writing beer!) OMG
25. Meet up with some of the newcomers to Pasadena, like Rhonda Finlay, my cousin. She will point out the highlights of living in this town. Her husband will tell you a few jokes!
Readers, please send me other reasons.  Let’s try to make it to 50 or 100 reasons!

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One Response to 25 Reasons To Visit Pasadena During Come Home Year 2012

  1. Madeline Martin says:

    Now you should do 20 reasons why you should visit St. Shotts for Come Home Year.

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