School Days


spelling testI recall the first day of school each year

when we had a new uniform and

a cheap school bag with new pencils and

exercise books, a pack of crayons, an eraser and sharpener

I remember the smell and feel of the new crayons

and how bleak the classrooms looked

after a summer of playing in nature

with all the colorful images in my mind

I liked recess time each day because

we got to play outside with our friends

and have some time to stretch our legs

without the teacher watching our every move

I remember my teacher calling me grandmother

because I was always tidying up my desk

and I didn’t like her much after that

as I was nervous and was used to tidying up at home

I recall wanting to get 100% on a spelling test

and I couldn’t get the word succeed

So I wrote it on my pencil case

and then I got caught for my faux pas

I visualize all the colorful angel stickers and

the holy pictures I got for getting good marks

which I kept for many years because

I wanted to remember Miss O’Brien and how nice she was

I still imagine all the holy relics I was given for

being successful in class and feeling that the

other students must really hate me because

I got so many items and they got none

I still remember hearing June say she had met Ray Bellew who

was Skipper on a tv show at the time and

all the students thought she was really lucky to meet him

and get to talk to him when he came to Corner Brook

I don’t remember public speaking or drama classes

or special projects being worked on but

I do easily visualize all the Christmas concerts

where I was told to move my lips but don’t sing

I see clearly the students walking

home from school at the end of each day

often with rocks being thrown back and forth

seeing who would give in first, so we could escape

into our everyday clothes and play outside

I vividly see the report cards which were made of thick paper and

all the marks on them with an average written at the bottom

and seeing Pass or Fail and 1st, 2ond, or 3rd

I can imagine all the teachers on the first day of classes

 who were usually immaculately dressed

and laid down the rules we had to follow

in order to get along and pass on to the next grade

I recall and relish the ecstasy of the last days of school in June

prior to getting our freedom for the summer when

it was like heaven to know that we had no homework

or books to contend with for over two months



About Circle of Life Energetics

I'm a Newfoundlander with a love of reading, writing,travelling, and reflexology. I've travelled around our province and lived in four provinces of Canada. I love a good book and a good blog. My family means the world to me, and some day I hope to travel to many countries of the world with my husband and sons' families. I want to use reflexology, reiki, TT, EFT and IHM to help others feel healthy.
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5 Responses to School Days

  1. We used to call our exercise books “Scribblers”, did you use that term?

    • I don’t remember that term, but I later heard it. I remember Bunga in the Social Studies, and how I memorized how he fished. Did you have spelling books and a spelling test every week? I remember so much memorization. For tests, I’d write out all the questions and answers before a test and memorize! Can’t remember many reports or role playing or creative endeavours!


  2. Hi Again….I just responded to the Versatile Blogger Award. You can see it at this link

  3. So very much loved reading this Pauline. Again…it took me way back to a different but exciting time in my life. Funny how it seems that we experienced so much of the same yet we grew up in different places.

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