Gifts of Joy- A Hallmark Card and Gift Shop in Pasadena, NL

Store Front on Main Street

This gift shop on Main Street in Pasadena provides great service to all residents and visitors. Over the years I’ve visited often to buy that hard to find gift for relatives and friends and I’ve never been disappointed. The store is run by Ms. Emmie Penney, the owner, and her three employees.  It has been in business for over twenty years, started by Joy White, a friend of mine. When a place has been in business for over twenty years, you know they’re doing something right!

The shop is convenient to get to and has many sought after items, for seasoned shoppers. It has pottery mugs created by local potter Brian Banfield, mummers’ earrings and pins by Dawn’s Creations, Bradford Exchange and Kinkade collectibles, Hallmark cards and one of a kind greeting cards, mugs,pitchers and plates painted by JoAnn Goosney, and too many other items to mention. You can even have gift baskets prepared for special occasions. Doll lovers can find many collectable dolls or have one ordered. Finding  a special wedding gift is no problem here, especially with the assistance of the four women who treat this business like a home away from home!

There is a cornucopia of art by many local artists. There is local art by Clarence Osmond, Helen Rose, Michael Bennett, as well as East Coast artist Elizabeth Burry. You can buy music by some of my favorite local artists including the Sharecroppers, Lloyd Bartlett, Bill Smith, Mike MacDonald and Jon James. For new home owners and people looking for souvenirs to bring back to their mainland homes, there are lots of art pieces to peruse and choose something you like. Often the CDs available here are hard to find when you’re gone back to work in Nunavut or Alberta!

Many changes to the product mix have occurred over the past twenty years, especially when the owner moved her shop to a log cabin frontage, with more room to expand. One of the first big changes was becoming a Bradford Dealer. Each year an open house is sponsored and customers attend between 6 and 9 p.m. Wine, pop, cheese, crackers,and homemade fruit cake is served. The cake is actually made by the owner! A local artist plays Christmas music and the night is enhanced by many draws for prizes. Guests are given a small gift as they leave the store that evening! This open house idea has been so successful that customers actually start asking in September what the date is for the big night!

Since the women who run the shop love animals, they decided to offer a gift wrapping service with monies going to the SPCA. Each year they collect hundreds of dollars to give to this worthy cause. So don’t be afraid to ask for this service if you visit during the Come Home Year Celebrations in 2012!

Check out Gifts of Joy next time you are in Pasadena. You can look at information about the store and its products at this web address

Credit to Emmie Penney for permission to use both photos. Thanks for answering all my questions, Emmie!

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