The Hippie Influence

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Well,we did grow up in the time of Woodstock(1969) and the peace sign. It’s funny now when I see the kids still using the peace sign, posing for photos and drawing it during art classes. We seemed to know what it was like to belong to that generation.  Some folk were staying up way into the wee hours of the morning,  listening to Santana and Creedance Clearwater Revival and other bands. Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez were two female artists who performed at Woodstock and influenced our music at that time.

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The Peace Symbol

In Pasadena during my upper teen years we had young people who let their hair grow long. They wore army jackets, along with blue jeans. A few let their hair get a little greasy and long hair was definitely in for girls. You might tie it back or frizz it when going to a wedding, or just to make it look like big hair.

Bell bottoms and cuffed pants were also in and so were see through tops. No bra necessary! Being natural seemed to be the theme, as much as is possible. No need for fancy hairdo or clothes. There wasn’t much money to do anything fancy with anyway. This might have been a few years after Woodstock, but I saw a connection to feeling more free, in our bodies as well as in our thinking.

Playing guitar and singing Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson songs were popular. Many young people sat around the camp fires swaying to Me And Bobbi McGee.  Music was important to the young people back then just as it is today.  There might be a dance on a Friday or Saturday night down in the South Brook Hall, where you waltzed close to someone to Red, Red Wine.  Occasionally a fist fight might break out but there weren’t any memorable ones. None that I caused or fought in! No one got into too much trouble. Teenagers wanted to have a good time. Police were rarely called.

It is unnecessary to get into who was drinking or smoking what, as that is a personal choice. Teenagers back then wanted to experiment as all teenagers everywhere do. I do recall one really bad car accident when I was in high school. I didn’t know the people involved but it brought home that you shouldn’t drink and drive. There was a lot of heartache because there were so many involved.

Mostly we were sitting on the beach or down in Harry’s field or in someone’s living room, playing and listening to the popular music of the time. Beer or wine was the drink of choice, and young people were not falling around ossified drunk!

I guess we could say it was a passing fad, and we liked feeling relaxed and easy-going, with few worries to crowd our days. We all got through it fairly unscathed. Things weren’t always perfect, but as a teenager we felt that we were like teenagers everywhere.  The hormones were going crazy and we were staying as sane as humanely possible.


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Joni Mitchell

Note: No names are mentioned and remember this is my view on my teenage years. Your interpretation may be entirely different.

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2 Responses to The Hippie Influence

  1. It certainly WAS a time when we made the body mind connection and freedom was the theme. Your blog brought back many memories.

  2. It was also a time of ‘Women’s Lib’ and feminism. For some reason what sticks in my mind–trying to adjust to life in Toronto after becoming a New York draft resister–was a huge poster on a vacant wall next to a bookstore:
    “Have YOU had YOUR Vasectomy yet?
    WHY NOT?!”

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