Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Naot shoebox illustrating its anatomical sole

Oops! I mean walk a kilometre in my shoes, sandals or boots. The brand could be Naot, Josef Seibel, Clarks,Banff, Oolang, or Rockport. You might not be comfortable all the time, but you might look good! I’ve learned the hard way, the expensive way. You nearly need a “one month wear” return policy. Wear them every day for a month, and if they’re not comfortable bring them back.

Mrs. Snook used to tell her daughter, my friend Liz “Girl, I don’t know why you need so many pairs of shoes.  You only got one pair of feet, and you can only wear one pair at a time!” So true, so true!  If you could only get comfortable ones that would never wear out, one pair might be enough!


Just give a moment’s thought to size. Yes, size matters. I was told one foot is bigger than the other, just as one breast is supposed to be bigger than the other. So I used to wear size 8 but like all kinds and makes of clothing, size 8 in Naots do not equate to the same size in Clarks or Birkenstocks. Drat!  Then I get size 38 in Naots’ Dance style, and think I can order any Naot shoes I find on ebay, and they will fit perfectly. Not so. They can be too tight or too loose on the heel. So then you have to pay your own postage to send them back. So much for that idea! It’s fun shopping though.

Recently I ordered three pairs of shoes, two Naot and one Birkenstock.  One pair of Naot shoes slipped too easily off the heels, so it was not a perfect fit. The other pair was too tight on the right foot. The Birkis were supposed to be a size 8 but they were 39, and were slightly too big.  So while I got such good bargains, I’ve learned it’s not a bargain if I need to return them or if I find them uncomfortable. There’s no such thing as breaking your shoes in, like days gone by. They may cause blisters or chafing, or worse still-an infection!

Insurance companies will pay up to a hundred dollars towards your shoes, if you need them for flat feet or any number of reasons. I have gone that route and purchased the same shoes that you can get on ebay for one-quarter of the price. If you go try them on and get fitted, you can then find the same shoes much cheaper than even going the insurance route. Spend some time walking around the store and if money is not a problem for you, you can buy them there, where you can return them if anything goes wrong.

I had a spur heel a few years ago and spent days shopping for footware and getting inserts to use with my present footware.  It is then that you really appreciate good fitting shoes. Believe me and I’m sure many of you have experienced this, just one pair that allows you to get through your day with less pain, is heaven sent!

Like many women, I believe I am encouraged by the media to have many pairs of shoes. And I have had many in my adult life, but most of them are a big waste of money! The $25 dollar Earth sandals from Walmart are the most comfortable footware that I’ve been grateful to find. When I go on vacation I take a black pair and a beige pair, so when the fancy cute looking shoes and sandals disappoint, I have my old faithfuls to fall back on! Oops!  That sounds like I might be a little tipsy! Didn’t mean it to sound that way!  You get my drift?


About Newfoundland Traveller

I'm a Newfoundlander with a love of reading, writing and travelling. I've travelled around our province and lived in four provinces of Canada. I love a good book and a good blog. My family means the world to me, and some day I hope to travel to many countries of the world with my husband and sons' families.
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4 Responses to Walk A Mile In My Shoes

  1. Well I have certainly benefited from your purchases. Thank you. And I have literally walked a kilometer in your shoes. 🙂

  2. Darlene says:

    My favourite subject. Shoes and books are my weakness. I am afraid I own many pairs of shoes and have never regretted ever buying any of them. I have many funny shoe shopping stories which I may complie into a book of short stories one day. When someone says, “I love your shoes. Where didi you get them?” I usually regale them with a story.

    • You would have a best seller if you do a book on shoes. I have one friend who would rather buy shoes than anything else. She has to buy many pairs on each trip. I try to give away a pair when I buy a pair. I’ve given away three pairs this month, and bought the three pairs mentioned in this post.

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