Your Paper Calendar, A Handy Tool

A page of a calendar.

I say this tongue in cheek, as I am just as guilty as the next one in not doing what I’m suggesting you do!  There are calendars on my phone and laptop, but I’ve rarely used them except for very important appointments. I missed an appointment with a specialist, which was difficult to reschedule, because I ignored my Blackberry when it tried to give me a half hour reminder! Drat!

Paper calendars are cheap and sometimes arrive as gifts, with favorite art work or animals, cars, motorcycles or other coveted photos. They have a block ready for your main appointments or weather details or event for the day. You can write down a major deposit that you made at the bank, or that special birthday or deadlines. So many words can be placed there that would later decrease your stress.

The visibility is up to you. If you have an office, it can be pinned to a wall or cork board. Or if you want a constant reminder it can be placed in your kitchen or on your fridge. You can hype it up a bit with stickers, which often appear in the mail, free of charge.

How often have you gone to look for something, a fact about taxes or an RRSP amount, date you last worked, name of resort you went to three years ago, dates of the Come Home Year celebrations? With your trusty calendars kept in a special place on a bookcase or in a drawer, you can have the last twenty-five years of your life right at your fingertips!

Mr. Leonard Molloy, a former resident of St.Shotts used to write down many facts about his community.  He would list the amount of fish caught each day, which days were stormy, visitors and dates of births and deaths. I’m not sure if he used a calendar, but I know all of these could be written on a calendar.

My mother-in-law, Mary Catherine Molloy, would write down important details each day.  If her sister Rose was visiting from the States, she’d take over writing down the facts such as the caplin came in today, Father Halleran visted today, or went berrypicking. As a frequent visitor, I remember how often my Mrs. Mary would take out her calendars to prove a point.

Every Christmas my daughter-in-law Shelly gives me a calendar made with family photos from corresponding months of the previous year. My husband won’t write on his, but mine gets put up and written on every day.  Such a thoughtful gift and such a handy record of the new year!

No, it doesn’t ding and it won’t impress anyone, but you know where to find all those important pieces of information that otherwise would take a lot of searching and often would be lost forever! Try it for yourself, if you don’t use one all ready!

September Bulletin Board - Central Library 2004

September Bulletin Board - Central Library 2004 (Photo credit: mySAPL)

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3 Responses to Your Paper Calendar, A Handy Tool

  1. Darlene says:

    I love my paper calendars! There is one in every room and in my office at work. I get teased about them but they work. They keep me organized in my crazy busy life. My mom would be like your mother-inlaw and write details of the day on her calendar. What a great record of her life on the farm. We get calendars sent to us by my in-laws in Spain and my husband’s uncle in England. So they have lovely pictures that inspire us to save up for a visit as well. Long live paper calendars!!

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