Nails And Hair-How I spend my time and money!

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I like to look good, like the next woman. But I don’t like it when I have to sit for two or three hours, endure buffing on very thin nails, stinging from the drying machines and then paying a fortune to have nails that last less than a month. Granted my nails may look much better than if I do them myself, but I’ve never depended on my nails to make an impression!

I have my own nails, and after trying the packages of nails that you can glue on in minutes, sitting for hours having the nails that eventually become yours but with acrylic on the top of them, I’m happy to keep them. Actually after I had them done several time and enjoyed all the positive comments, I thought I might be like the Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, who comes on tv. She swears she loves her hair and nails as much as she likes giving people messages from the beyond.

When I’m doing reflexology on some of my friends or husband’s feet, it is recommended that my nails not extend much out over my finger. So keeping them cut and polished is as much time as I like to spend to have pretty little nails!

I understand most of my friends who don’t mind paying forty to sixty dollars a month to have very sculpted looking nails. To each her own, and each person has choices to make in deciding how she spends her time and money. A friend who gets her nails done religiously each month recently told me that her nails are very thin and brittle now, after leaving the acrylic off for a while. I had the same experience. It is only five or six months later that I’m finding my nails are getting strong again. Most of my younger friends who have them done each month, love their sculpted nails and change the colors and styles often.

Young women who are getting married or going on a trip around the world might decide to have their nails done, just to look their best. I can understand this. Just as we get our hair done once a month, and some people pay a fortune to get theirs colored, styled and so on for a couple hundred dollars. Again, your choice! Others decide to color their own hair and just go to get it styled every six weeks or two months. Some like the au natural, and have no desire to put dyes on their scalp. Others go to LeMoynes and have a student color and style their hair. So many ways, so many differences!

No judgement here. I have a friend who impresses the hell out of me when she dyes her own hair and cuts it most of the time. If she is going on a cruise or to a family wedding, she will go have it done by a stylist. She doesn’t follow the crowd, buys only what she needs and once in a while treats herself.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to take jobs away from people who make their living helping all of us look our best.  I’m just saying that we need to think about how we spend our hard earned or saved money, and how we want to look. Also, we might consider how we want to spend our time.  Are we really making ourselves feel better or are we just following the crowd, staying stylish? Do we want to be remembered just for being well groomed? What about how you help others? Or how you spend your time with your children and grandchildren? I know some of you will say you want to be remembered for all of these.

What do your nails or hair say about you?

Note: I’m sure I will get lots of response to this post. It is meant to get you thinking about what is important in your life, not to be critical. Perhaps you can help us understand why we do what we do. How do you feel when you have your nails done perfectly? How long does this feeling last? What about your hair? Do you ever think you could wear a wig, and never have to pay for dyeing and styling again? Let’s get some healthy debate going here.


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15 Responses to Nails And Hair-How I spend my time and money!

  1. Money and time for me are better spent doing things other than nails and hair. For health reasons, I finally decided to chuck the dyes, but I had mostly done it myself up to that point. Over the years, I saved a lot of money cutting my own, hubby’s, and the kids. And I just never have been into the new nail thing, even if I could get past the fumes. Perhaps people have more discretionary income, but I just don’t know where some get the money.

    • I noticed at the Avalon Mall that the people doing nails wear a mask, but those getting the treatment, did not. I had mine done by a friend’s daughter but there were no fumes, perhaps they are safer. My husband cut our sons’ hair when they were young, and did a great job.


  2. Sarah Adie says:

    I’m not interested in paying for new nails or hair particularly – although fair play to those who do. I get my hair cut once every three or four months and look after my nails myself. It’s a lot of fun trying out marbling or newspaper print myself, rather than investing in gel nails.

    • It is a person’s right to choose, so we choose for different reasons. They do look nice, and well groomed hair looks good too. Some spend it on travelling, others spend it on grooming and clothing and other interests. It makes the world an interesting place to live. I often think how the poor children and women of the world could use all the money we spend so unthinkingly. It’s similar to eating out versus eating at home. It costs a fortune to eat out often per month, but many people do it without batting an eye. All about choices and what we value, I guess.

  3. I don’t know what people would say about my hair and nails , Pauline. It has never been a priority for me but I admire pretty nails and hair just the same. But to each his own. It is really all a matter of priority , for sure. I would prefer to make it a special event and not a necessity to have a manicure or pedicure. Your nails always look lovely.

  4. I am an avid gardener….so from April to October, I have a great excuse for my unsighly nails. During the winter I really have no excuse, but I don’t care. I don’t do my nails. Period. At the moment, I am bald, so I really don’t do my hair either….but when it grows back I intend on spending obscene amounts of money on it:)
    Cancer Warrior

    • I usually wear gloves when I’m gardening but often I forget and I do a lot of damage to my nails. I figure we have them for a reason, and if I need to root out an old weed, who cares? You’ll probably be very particular about your hair for a little while, and then you’ll go back to how you did it prior to the cancer. Or not! You do what makes you happy.

  5. Madeline Martin says:

    I did not like the fumes when I had the nails put on.

  6. rokchikk says:

    We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time… but not always in the same way. I tend to spend my money on music and guitars LOL!! I think I’m single handedly keeping iTunes open LOL!! and most recently I purchased a new guitar. But come to think of it a nice spa day would do me a world of good…. 🙂

  7. The ladies must need 48 hour days just for this stuff. I wonder how Hillary does it all. Thanks visit my blog.

    • Some like it a lot and others like au natural. I’m the latter kind of lady. I like strong neatly filed nails and do my own hair. I think men get off cheaper in the grooming dept. Probably changing a little now.

      Sent from my iPad

      • That’s the look – Miami/ Key West chic.

      • I’ve never been to Miami or Key West, but who knows maybe someday… I do like to be surprised and pampered every now and then. And perhaps if I had tons of dough, I’d pay someone to play with my hair and nails. A simple manicure would still be preferable though, and a natural looking hairstyle.


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