The Sirenis on the Mayan Riviera,Mexico 2011

Our First View of the Sirenis from our bus

View as we walked towards the spa-lots of room for sunbathing

Entertainment Prior to our lunch

A Vendor Trying To Sell My Friend A Poncho- "He was a real character!"

Story first this time:

Afraid of being arrested in Mexico, I didn’t want to go off the resort. My friend and I discussed it on the plane and in the airport before ever reaching Mexico. She had been hesitant in the beginning and had read many articles on murders in the country. I assured her that we weren’t going near any of those towns and we arrived after about an hour from the airport. On the ride we had been left by the bus driver for five minutes alone while he used a washroom, with the only other attendant snoring a few seats back. I thought “Mexico, boy, they’re way too relaxed here for anything to happen to us!”

Did you know that 150 000 Americans cross the border into Mexico on a daily basis?

We spent our days at this magnificent resort sunbathing and cruising the Lazy River, which was an absolute blast. Trying to get our bums in those tubes was hilarious, and we laughed so hard that we wished we had tried it every day! I got my friend onto the tube and discovered I couldn’t get my behind on top of it, so I put it around my waist and away we went! So relaxing and quiet as we went before 8 a.m. and there was hardly a soul around. I think it might have been our first morning up that early during our trip.

The concierge took care of our a la carte restaurants the first day of our trip, and was very friendly. Our room was magnificent with two queen size beds, a large jacuzzi and a balcony.  We had a safe free of charge. We ordered room service, as it was included, and enjoyed it. It was the only time we had room service while we were there. The food was so good at the buffet and other restaurants that we didn’t bother.

You can pay extra for one of these bottles of wine!

Directions to everywhere on the resort

Moi feeling very full after a wonderful meal!

So about midway through the week we decided to go to Chichen Itza. My son had visited there so I wanted to see this Mayan ruin.  We went after haggling with the excursion person who was trying to get us to pay in pesos, instead we ended up paying about a hundred bucks U.S. each. It was a full day on the go. The tour guide was wonderful, giving a presentation during our bus ride. She was wearing some Mexican silver and when we asked where she purchased it, she proceeded to give us the spiel that she worked at this place part-time and she would take us there.  Well, we had a stop for a swim and some shopping, and guess where we ended up first? Her jewelry place, right at the entrance. So of course, there was another hundred bucks gone before we could say “Chichen Itza!” We didn’t get to swim, but bought a few souvenirs and got back on the bus. Then we stopped later for a meal, which was more like a cafeteria, with little to choose from. Some Mexicans danced, but we could not see the performance because there were so many tourists eager to eat.

Just before the entrance to the Mayan ruins, where the two provinces(states?) met, I got a little uptight as -there were the police and the bus had to stop to show papers!  My heart rate increased and although I did not have a lot of money or jewelry with me, I was still petrified of going to jail or getting stuck with the Mexican police.  And then anti climax for nothing happened! We had our passports but we didn’t have to show them. Nada… So we arrived at the ruins to a sweltering heat! I had a long cotton cover up with me but there were still parts that weren’t covered. I wore my Tilley hat but even that did not feel me safe from the sun’s rays. I slathered on the spf 50 sunscreen and hoped for the best!  Oh, well, grin and bear it, comes to mind!

Heading out to Chichen Itza, listening to our guide

Chichen Itza- workers are repairing one side of it

We had photos taken in front of Chichen Itza and then we proceeded to another part, which for the life of me, I can’t recall much of the history for I was convinced my life was over and that it would be heat stroke that would get me! I came all the way to Mexico to die, and not at the hands of the drug lords!

We walked through hoards of outdoor flea market vendors, shouting and using this blasting horn that they all seemed to have, to half scare the wits out of you. We kept on walking, and avoided eye contact. So we arrived at the second part of the ruins in tact, overheated, with sounds in our ears that we never heard before or since. Then the children started. First they sang us a lovely song. Then they begged us to buy their wares, pretty handkerchiefs. My friend had a lot of fun joking with them, saying “Not two for two dollars, two for one dollar!” They’d grin at her and she got better deals than I did, just with her funny back and forth joking.

Without knowing it, we sat where a brown recluse spider was waiting just for me! There goes my Newfie humour again, showing its face! There was no where to get out of the sun, and instead of most of my friends who strive to stay in the sun, I’m always trying to get into the shade. The melanoma a few years back is the main reason, and besides that I never liked it too hot!  We sat for all of ten minutes, and then we looked at some trinkets to bring back home, because at that time we both believed we’d never come back to Mexico.

Back we walked toward the buses and picked up our jewelry at a small shop. Again I thought the police were going to be chasing our bus when the clerk gave me the wrong amount of money, and couldn’t figure out how much he owed me from my U.S. money. I did nothing wrong, but I felt he might send the police to get the five or ten bucks. There was such a lineup and I was afraid our bus would go without us, so we rushed to get a cold drink and a seat. Sure enough, we weren’t on the road long before our guide turned to me, and told me that the jewelry clerk undercharged me, so rather than have any fuss, I passed over the money.  No arguments in Mexico!

It wasn’t until later I noticed the big red mark on the back of my leg. I thought it was a mosquito bite, and I didn’t feel dizzy or sick, so I paid no attention to it. A few days later the bite was the size of a toonie or larger and bright red. I took Benedryl and didn’t worry about it.  I have a strong immune system so I didn’t give it any thought. It looked ugly but I’m used to getting bites every where I go.  I always get one!

Our trip turned out to be awesome and we felt excited that we had chosen a place that turned out so well. We returned home rested with many experiences and laughs under our belts.

It wasn’t until the next day that I went to my doctor and she did some research on what could have caused my large bite that had now turned dark purple and was disgusting looking. She found the brown recluse and saw some bites which looked identical to mine. To say with 100% certainty that I was bitten by a brown recluse, I cannot do. But I survived without the complications many have, and for that I am thankful.

A Mexican Making A Living Weaving Table Runners and Table Cloths

The Entrance to the Sirenis, Riviera Maya, Mexico


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6 Responses to The Sirenis on the Mayan Riviera,Mexico 2011

  1. Darlene says:

    Great story and pictures! Glad the encounter with the brown recluse didn’t turn out disastrous. Lots of history in that part of the world.

  2. Lori says:

    Beautiful photos! I want to go now. You are so funny, I loved the story and I would have had the same reaction regarding the drug lords and mexican police. You hear so many horror stories lately. I know about those brown recluse bites too, I’ve had one myself. Not fun!

  3. mmartin5577 says:

    Really enjoyed your memories and pics of our trip to Mexico last April Pauline. You are a wonderful travelling companion and a great writer as well. It was a pleasure indeed. By the way…I will not soon forget that Lazy River experience or you celebrating your birthday while we were there. Take care !

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