Happy Easter to all my readers!


Considered to be the holiest time of the year for Christians, it is my privilege to be able to wish all christian readers a

Icon of the Resurrection

happy and holy Easter!

Years ago while growing up in Pasadena, we had to give up something we really liked to eat during Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter.  I remember giving up bars or chips, two of my favorite junk foods. We also could not eat meat on Fridays. We always had fish instead and many people carry on this tradition today by going to Ches’s Fish and Chips in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The evening news always features this business on Good Friday.


Ches's (Photo credit: Zach Bonnell)

The Stations of the Cross, to follow Jesus’ journey to Calvary, was done every day during Lent.

We had prepared months ahead of time to get a new skirt and top or dress from the Sears or Eatons catalogues to wear on Easter Sunday. We’d have to wear our best clothes to go to mass. I haven’t  seen any photos of families from years ago in Pasadena dressed up for their Easter mass, but I’m sure there are a few around.

We didn’t get many Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies. We were lucky to have some small eggs hidden all over the house. We would search high and low to find the scarce eggs. We would all get the same number of  Easter eggs, but they weren’t the fancy ones you see today. We also blew out the real eggs and then paint them. We were only allowed one, as they were few and far between.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

 Nowadays there are Easter lilies to be purchased and many churches have a nice selection where the congregation can see them. I’ve seen people donate lilies to a church, which I think is a kind gesture.

Families usually have a nice dinner meal(noon meal) such as turkey and the stuffing,along with salt beef, cabbage, carrots, turnip, and potato.  Often puddings and gravy are served along with all of this food. Desserts may consist of a favorite cake, cutglass cookies or lemon pie. The sky’s the limit!

Hope you are spending your Easter with family and friends!

My mom always plants her Easter Lilies . . . a...

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  2. Happy Easter to you and yours as well.

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