Hilarious Or What?

I was just sitting here after a morning of cleaning parts of my house that I wish had an auto remote so I could push Clean and that little robot would go to town, making everything spic and span. While I’m enjoying a cup of coffee without sugar and cream, I’m considering cleaning my car, which is a whole other story! But most of all I am thinking of the funny things that I’ve done or witnessed being done.  I thought perhaps my readers might like to share some of their hilarious moments, too.

Barcelona Despierta

Barcelona Despierta (Photo credit: morpheus17pro)

One time at university I was doing a presentation in one of my education courses and my professor was away, but he wanted us to go ahead with the presentations and tape them for him. Well, would you know it, I had the word organism somewhere in that speech and when I came to it in front of my classmates, I said orgasm instead. I sputtered and managed to get through the rest of presentation, with a brightly red face, I might add! Amarjit Singh, our prof, watched the video when he returned, but never mentioned my slip of the tongue!

Sleeping car "Arktika" (Moscow-Murmansk)

Another time while travelling in Spain, with two girls named Brenda, we happened to take a train ride to get to Barcelona. This nice looked young man tried to tell us that he knew how to get a sleeping car as he worked on the train. He was on holidays at the time. So seeing as how there were three of us and only one of him, we took him upon his offer. Well, we got a nice little car, and tried to settle down for the night, sitting or stretching our legs out, but one had to be on one side with as we called him “our little Spanishteddy bear” afterwards, not at that time. In the darkness of night, I could feel toes going up my leg. I awoke to touch the toes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! All of a sudden I jumped up and stated in a loud voice “Okay, girls, come with me, I have to go to the washroom!” When we got outside we discovered that he’d been putting his toes on everybody’s body, at some place or other! We still laugh about it today, 37 years later!

Family toes

Family toes (Photo credit: dospaz)

One more story and then I’ll give up for today!

In my first year of teaching In Takla Landing, British Columbia, my colleague from Ireland and I decided we would invite some geologists and a pilot to our teacherage for supper. All we had in our freezer was some moose meat. Not having one iota clue about cooking, we took out the roast of moose and put it in the oven.  We figured we needed maybe an hour at most to bake the meat. We put on potatoes and some veggies(have no idea now what the God we had with it!), and we were some proud of the nice smell in our house when the men arrived.

We had the table set and then we took the roast out of the oven and put it in the center of our table cloth, along with a bowl for the veggies. We hadn’t thought to make gravy. We asked one of the men to cut it up,and would you believe he couldn’t get the knife through it. It was that tough! Little did we know that it could take 3 or more hours to cook moose! Well, I can’t say that we laughed much at the time, especially when all we had to eat was vegetables, but we often laughed at it months later. We did get an invite to their apartment and their roast beef could melt in your mouth. And they even had apple pie, homemade apple pie for dessert!  We didn’t even offer a dessert.  My friend Eileen who was a lot older than me didn’t have a clue about cooking, and neither did I at that time! But I still find it hilarious to this day!

So now, how about sharing one of your hilarious stories? I’m sure you have at least one that comes up time and again! Tell us…we are dying to hear!

Deutsch: Apfelkuchen English: Apple pie

A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast...

A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, and yorkshire pudding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Being exceptionally gringo, it was my turn to cook the communal meal for all the xxxxx freaks I lived with (another story). I had a new casserole recipe that called for jalapeno peppers. I should have caught on how potent they might be when the skin under my ring finger was burning, and the vapors were burning my face. At supper, you could tell when someone hit a pepper. Yowee yowee! Pass the milk.

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