iPhone iPhone iPhone

iPhone iPhone iPhone (Photo credit: kowitz)

For all you younguns who love to text, you probably know all the lingo there is to text all your family and friends with that new iphone4s, my coveted new “want” gadget!  And the rest of you who do not text, you have no idea what these acronyms are. Let me get you up-to-date. TTYL-talk to you later; LOL-laughing out loud; SOL-shit outta luck(my niece says no one uses this one!). So shortcuts have been around for ages, and what can be more current than typing quickly to get on with life, after all everyone has an iphone, ipad and ipod these days, don’t they?

My husband loves using the phone, but not a cell phone.  He can look up topics on a laptop but has no idea how to use my ipad2. And he has never texted anyone in his life! So to our sons, who text all the time and have a big understanding of these new technological inventions, their father is behind the times. But there are many people out there who couldn’t care less about these tools of communication.  For the life of me, I have no idea how anyone can exist today without taking advantage of this technology.

O iPad 2 Voltou! E pode ser Seu!

O iPad 2 Voltou! E pode ser Seu! (Photo credit: sucelloleiloes)

Go back one generation to my father and mother. My father spoke on the phone but that was it.  He watched the news on television and a few comedies but he did not want anything to do with computers, and considered these newfangled gadgets a waste of my time and everybody else’s time! I’m sure my mother would have loved Facebook and seeing all the photos posted there, as she was an avid photographer. Also, she would have enjoyed Facetime, and talking face to face with her friends and children. How she would have loved Dolly Parton on youtube!

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G (Photo credit: Ricky Romero)

I’m curious about all my friends out in the blogosphere. How do you feel about texting and the new iphone4s?  I couldn’t believe it the other day when I visited an older friend and she had a new iphone4s. She told me she hasn’t spoken to her husband in a week as she’s been learning how to use her new phone. It was amazing to me that she got the phone before me.  I’m glad she’s learning how to text. Life is getting better every day!



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9 Responses to TTYL, LOL, SOL?

  1. TTFN = ta ta for now! 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    I’m behind, I don’t have an iphone either. But I do prefer to text if it’s a quick conversation.

  3. I’ve learned to text because of my older kids. They’re growing up with it and I want to be a part of these changes. I’m not crazy about it, but will admit there are times it comes in handy. However, texting while driving or walking across a street spells disaster. I just wish more would realize they are not invincible…

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