Sometimes A Phone Call Is A Gift

Have you ever fretted about making a phone call- to do or not to do? You perhaps picked up the phone a hundred times to make the call and then talked yourself out of it, figuring it would only make things worse. Or being the stubborn one, with I did it the last time and now it’s his or her turn. I’m sure we have all done it, making things better at times and on other occasions making things even more confusing.

Over the years it is easy to remember the joyful times on the phone, and the shocking or lifechanging times that words turned your life upside down. Let me think- a joyful one. The birth of our grandchildren. That was easy for sure. A lifechanging one- the death of a brother. Not hard to recall that one either. But how often do you think about that friendly call from a sibling, spouse or friend that just makes your day that much better?

Is there someone out there who would love to hear your voice? Would love for you to say something to make it all better between you? Would hope that you have a solution to the problem between you? Have you put off calling a parent because you felt it would never make anything right between you? Echart Tolle encourages us to live in the NOW. Don’t worry about the past. Don’t live in the past.(You can’t go back! You can only go forward.) One day or one hour at a time is a thrilling way to live, as you don’t have a monkey on your back, or a big hairy gorilla! If I could do one deed in the next hour that would make my life better or make someone else’s life happier, what could I do? Make that phone call or house visit that you’ve been putting off forever.  Pick up the cell phone or your landline, and dial the numbers. A few words and laughter from you might enhance your day and that someone you love.


Make a special card and send it today.

Offer to spend an hour and give someone a break

Buy a bouquet of flowers and literally brighten up their home.

Go for a walk with a neighbour.

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell...

Bring over some of your new bread buns, hot out of the oven.

Pack a special lunch for your loved one.

How has your life been enhanced lately by a phone call?

About Circle of Life Energetics

I'm a Newfoundlander with a love of reading, writing,travelling, and reflexology. I've travelled around our province and lived in four provinces of Canada. I love a good book and a good blog. My family means the world to me, and some day I hope to travel to many countries of the world with my husband and sons' families. I want to use reflexology, reiki, TT, EFT and IHM to help others feel healthy.
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4 Responses to Sometimes A Phone Call Is A Gift

  1. stuartart says:

    You are so bang on with this. I don’t do this enough. I’m going to do it today. Thanks for the kick up the @ss! 🙂

  2. Darlene says:

    I keep saying I don’t have tiem to make a call. But when I take the time I am so glad I did. I do always make time to call my mom at least twice a week, no matter how busy I am. I know she so looks forward to those calls. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This posting is beautify my info and required details which really great matter of admiration and worth praising.Since i’ve received this blog my level of confidence improving day by day.

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