Needing 10 Pasadena Writers…for an ebook!

How hard can it be to find ten writers to do two or three pieces for a book? I have two and myself, so that makes three!  I think my cousin Wanda might do a piece or two. So that would be four total! Do you know anyone who is from Pasadena or has spent some weekends, summer holidays in the town? Please pass this on to them.

The St.Shotts’ Come Home Year book has been a big success and thirty-nine writers have written 48 stories. It will be sold prior to and during the Come Home Year celebrations.

My dream is to have at least ten people, most first time writers, submit stories(nonfiction) and poems for inclusion in an ebook. I will pay the fees, if any, and then some or all of the sale profits can be donated to the town of Pasadena. Send me some comments if you are interested or email me at I really don’t want to let this go. I will make the decisions related to what gets included and what doesn’t, as my name will go on the cover as editor/compiler.

Last month I listed a contest but had no entries at all after the blog post. I had previous to that received two stories.  Let’s put our ideas on paper. It will be a start to writing down out stories about our heritage.

I know you can do it!


About Newfoundland Traveller

I'm a Newfoundlander with a love of reading, writing and travelling. I've travelled around our province and lived in four provinces of Canada. I love a good book and a good blog. My family means the world to me, and some day I hope to travel to many countries of the world with my husband and sons' families.
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5 Responses to Needing 10 Pasadena Writers…for an ebook!

  1. Pauline, I have just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. Please go to and see how to accept this award. Thank you for being so supportive. Liz

  2. Thanks a million, LIz, for this honor! You’re very kind!

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  5. All profits will be shared amongst the writers. Update: now have five writers! Five more are welcome.

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