Walking The Camino de Santiago

English: Kilometer marker 101.5 on the pilgrim...

English: Kilometer marker 101.5 on the pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela, Northern Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a new goal. It’s not an easy goal. But it is do-able.

Yes, I have made up my mind to walk the camino trail through Northern Spain.

How do I think I can ever manage this goal?

1. I’m putting aside one thousand Euros for the month long walk.

2. I’m retired so I can go when the weather is best.

3. I’m reading several books each month to prepare me for the negatives and positives and what I really need for the trip.

4. I’m trying to get in shape by attending a gym and using my Gazelle more.

5. I’m learning every day about the possibilities.

6. I’m talking to my family and friends about the walk, and hoping to get someone to come along with me.

7. I’m preparing  the items I need to take with me.

8. I’ve watched the movie The Way with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.

9. I am planning on longer walks to become better conditioned.

If you’ve walked the trail, please comment and help me reach my gOal.


English: camino de santiago

English: camino de santiago (Photo credit: Wikipedi

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5 Responses to Walking The Camino de Santiago

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I look forward to reading about your journey, just as I look forward to taking the journey myself in the not-too-distant future. Buen camino!

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  3. Darlene says:

    This is wonderful news! I wish you the best of luck. When are you planning to do the walk? I am very impressed.

    • In June…can’t wait. Planning has begun. Made a trip to the MEC yesterday and got a head lamp! Tried on about ten pairs of walking shoes. Small heels…left foot smaller than right. What’s a woman to do?

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