Used No Fountains on Camino Portugues

This year I bought water, sometimes for .27 euro for 1.5 litres. Or I shared a bottle with my walking buddy. Or on a couple occasions I filled my water bladder from the bathroom tap.

The fountains were spread out on the trail. Sometimes there was an abundance, and at times they were scattered. Some looked grubby and full of dirty water in the tub or badin below. Once after being lost and too hot I rubbed cool water over my face and may have drank a little in my frustration.

So one regret I have is not having used the fountains more. I think I will bring a stainless steel cup on my next camino.

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About Circle of Life Energetics

I'm a Newfoundlander with a love of reading, writing,travelling, and reflexology. I've travelled around our province and lived in four provinces of Canada. I love a good book and a good blog. My family means the world to me, and some day I hope to travel to many countries of the world with my husband and sons' families. I want to use reflexology, reiki, TT, EFT and IHM to help others feel healthy.
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