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Were we excited this past Saturday when we decided to join the Mayor’s Walk from Gallows Cove to Spray Lane! We were so excited we arrived at the town office 20 minutes early. We were transported to Gallows Cove by bus, and about 20 of us walked to Spray Lane. We stopped along the way to enjoy the incredible views and to snack on Girl Guide cookies.

There were two difficult hills but the rest was easy to moderate walking. We chatted with other walkers along the way and had some photos taken. We were led my Michael Gardiner, a member of the TETC. Of course Ralph Tapper, our mayor and his wife walked with us. Ralph gave a speech at the beginning and another at our wonderful sandwiches and soup lunch, created by the Hungry Hearts Cafe. Our guest walkers included T.A. Loeffer and her partner. T.A. Gave an inspiring talk on the benefits of being in nature. Ms. Geralynn Christmas from the East Coast Trail Committee gave a short speech, enlightening us on news from the committee.

Because we enjoyed our Saturday walk so much, my husband and I decided to go to Flatrock on Sunday and walk to Spray Lane, a distance of 8.7 km, and considered to be moderate walking. It took over two hours and was invigorating. There were many hills, and rocky areas. My poles came in handy and I’d recommend them to all walkers, to help with knees and balance. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the scenery.

There are 24 trails making up the East Coast Trail, with a total of 265 km included thus far. I’m sure this will grow to include many other community trails. If you would like to donate to the ECT, go to
It is a very worthwhile cause in my opinion. I know people who have walked in groups, with family and alone. I plan on doing all of it eventually.

(Note: I may have some names spelled incorrectly. Please contact me if you know the right spelling. If you have more info to add, please add a comment.)

Here is a list of the 24 trails of the East Coast Trail:
Muddier Wet Path(Aquaforte to South West River)
2.9 km. 1-2 hrs. Easy

Spur wink Island Path (South West River to Port Kirwin)
17.1 km. 7-9 hrs. Difficult

Bear Cove Point Path (Kingmans Cove-Renews)
11.6 km. 4-6hrs. Moderate

Island Meadow Path (Renews-Cappahayden)
10.1 km. 4-6 hrs. Moderate

LaManche Village Path(Tors Cove-La Manche)
3.7+1.4 km. 2-3hrs. Easy

Flamber Heath Path (La Manche-Brigus South)
14.5km. 7-10hrs. Difficult

Brigus Head Path(Brigus South-Admirals Cove)
6.5km. 3-5hrs. Moderate

Cape Broyle Head Path (Cape Broyle -Calvert)
18.3km. 8-10hrs. Strenuous

Caplin Bay Path (Calvert-Ferryland)
5.2 km. 2-3 hrs. Easy

Sounding Hills Path( Ferryland-Aquaforte)
5.5km. 2-4 hrs. Moderate

Cape Spear Path(Cape Spear-Maddox Cove)
9.3+1 km. 4-6hrs. Moderate

Motion Path (Petty Harbour -Shoal Bay Rd. Goulds)
13.5+6.3 km. 7-9hrs. Difficult

Spout Path(Shoal Bay Rd. Goulds-Bay Bulls)
16.3+6.4km. 8-11hrs. Strenuous

Mickeleens Path (Bay Bulls-Witless Bay)
7.3km. 3-4hrs. Moderate

Beaches Path. (Witless Bay-Mobile)
7km. 3-4hrs. Easy

Timbers Point Path (Mobile-Tors Cove)
5.1 km. 2-3hrs. Easy

Blackhead Path (Blackhead- Cape Spear)
3.7km. 1.5-2.5hrs. Moderate

Deadman’s Bay Path (Ft. Amherst-Blackhead)
10.6 km. 5-8hrs. Difficult

Sugarloaf Path (Logy Bay -Quidi Vidi Village)
8.9km. 3-5hrs. Difficult

Cobbler Path (Red Cliff-Outer Cove)
8.2km. 3-4hrs. Moderate

Silver Mine Head Path (Middle Cove-Torbay) #2 walk for me
2.4km. 1-2 hrs. Easy
(Peter and I walked as much of this path as we could. We walked on October 23, 2014. It was about 10 degrees Celsius. It was steep at the beach starting point, on your left if you are at Middle Cove Beach facing the ocean. Walk down to water and look to your left. You can see the trail. There are many tree roots and some iron posts which can be dangerous. You need to watch the ground about half of the distance. There is a stream to cross, where there are plenty of large rocks to walk on. Take your poles which will help you. There are many places where you should not go too close to the edge near cliffs as the ground may not be safe. Muddy areas are visible and in one area you cannot see how deep you will tread. The bench was lovely and the view spectacular from it. We turned back near the end when we would have to descend to the beach to finish the last half km. Then we turned around and returned to our vehicle. I was parched and too warm. 1 hr and 13 min. It was a lovely walk on a cool afternoon.)

Father Troy’s Trail (Torbay-Flatrock)
8.7km. 2-4 hrs. Moderate #1 walk for me..23 more to go

(Comment: Parts are easy walking, but the rocks may prove difficult without sticks. There are two major hills, at the end near Torbay beach. Don’t get confused by the signs going to the church and beach. We kept walking without taking many left turns. There are planks of wood covered in wire for the wet areas. There are many views for photographers, close to the water. I would like to see some benches where a break might be needed. There are many rocks to sit down, but I hate having to be pulled up from that low. My knees are not what they used to be. We saw some couples sitting in cars enjoying the view of the beach and water. I was so happy that I brought a water bottle as I was warm and felt thirsty. Next walk I will bring some snacks for a half way break. So …I would call this my first easy to moderate path which we did in 2 1/2 hrs. Enjoyed thoroughly. I recommend that hikers do two easy walks on a weekend with a goal to walking the whole trail in a year or two. I would not walk either trail after days of rain.)

Stiles Cove Path (Flatrock-Pouch Cove)
15.1 km. 5-7 hrs. Difficult

Biscan Cove Path (Pouch Cove-Cape St. Francis)
7.3+4 km. 3-5 hrs. Moderate

The mind can never break off from the journey.- Pat Conroy

Not I-Not anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself. – Walt Whitman

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end. – Ernest Hemingway

A traveller without observation is a bird without wings. -Moslih Eddin Saadi

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