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Lots to be than…

Lots to be thankful for in 2013 …a healthy family …a peaceful country to live in …amazing extended family and friends …nearly 20 000 views of my blog since I started, along with 98 followers Happy New Year to all … Continue reading

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I Smiled At Her…

Yes, it was in a city in Spain. Was it Sarria? My memory is fading. But I saw this girl walking towards me and I thought it was my friend Wanda. Same size. Same hair. It was only when she … Continue reading

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Is it really two weeks before Christmas?

Yes, friends, it is only 14 days to that big day and will we remember what Christmas really means. Love in the shape and form of a small baby born to two very poor people who travelled far to keep … Continue reading

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Put A Smile On That Face Of Yours

It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re smiling. People respond to you more positively and you generally get farther ahead if you show those pearly whites. In the morning, do you floss and brush so those pearly whites are ready … Continue reading

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Three Orange Tulips

Some days are like that. You never know all the wonderful surprises that might come your way! Last summer I did a chart in a course I was taking, glued all these images and words to a large poster board. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day As A Child

  Valentine’s Day was nothing spectacular when I was a child growing up in Pasadena, Newfoundland. In fact I remember getting a large book of valentines that had to be cut out first and then I had to write the names of my … Continue reading

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Who Remembers That First Kiss?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a great time to talk about that first kiss. Were you 13, 14, or 15 or older? Did you know this person a long time or was it someone you … Continue reading

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