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A Great Egret Sighted in St. Shotts on Nov. 5 and 6, 2014

I’m calling it a great egret, but I did not see it. I wish I had seen it as my husband said it was a beautiful sight. It has a white body, long legs and neck, and yellow bill. I … Continue reading

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25000 Views on Blog

Thanks for all my followers out there in the world for all your reading. I have nearly 500 posts and 1400 comments. It seems like only yesterday when I decided to blog. Since then I’ve written about many topics, from … Continue reading

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The 2014 St. Shotts’ Weekend That Had Some Twists and Turns

Friday night was one of the worst nights that we have ever experienced, with thunder and lightening that was scary. But all of that happened after midnight. Before that there was heavy downpours but that didn’t hamper the fireworks and … Continue reading

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To feel the ear…

To feel the earth beneath your feet and to gain confidence from knowing that you can walk 1000 km if you want to- is knowing that you are alive and living for the day, one footstep at a time! by … Continue reading

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I looked into the faces of my old friends today

I arrived in Pasadena today after much travelling and it was a good feeling rolling into town, a happy time when many friends and family¬†are ¬†visiting, a celebration of life, a sharing of our past memories and our present lives … Continue reading

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Anchors In My Life

This year there seem to be anchors everywhere in my life. I’ve already mentioned my middle son getting married and his theme is a nautical one. So naturally the wedding gift has something to do with anchors. I can’t reveal … Continue reading

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Editing Can Be So Frustrating!

Forgive me, Lord, for all the bad words that have come out of my mouth or been in my head during these past four months. Even though I have a wonderful editor, I feel that ultimately I am responsible for … Continue reading

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