The Ice Cream of Our Youth

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...

Would you get this kind of ice cream in the 60s or 70s?


Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

I was just having a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it tasted so good that it reminded me of those rare ice cream cones we had as children, at Hi Way Diner or South Brook Park.  There wasn’t a big choice back then. You were lucky to get vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange pineapple or Neapolitan. I always chose Neapolitan because it contained chocolate, vanilla and strawberry all rolled into one!

We didn’t get ice cream as a treat at home, or very rarely anyway. We didn’t have refrigerator back when I was a child. We had a deep freeze and occasionally a block of ice cream might be bought as a big treat. It was so rare that I don’t recall the ice cream lasting very long.

I do remember going to Mercers Gas Station on my way back from the post office and buying an ice cream sandwich, a Creamsicle or a fudge stick. Oh, yes, or a drumstick!  I loved the drumsticks, with all the chocolate and nuts on the outside and the bottom of the cone with caramel or chocolate right at the end of it all!  How good did it get! So these were rare occasions when I could afford to buy one of these treats. I do recall getting a bad stomach ache from eating a Creamsicle while I was walking alone across White‘s field on my way home from school one day as I was trying to sing loudly between mouthfuls of the orange popsicle outside that delicious white ice cream center.

Serving ice cream at South Brook Park or Hi Way Diner was always a big job on a sunny day, as you couldn’t keep up with the people who wanted five or six cones at the same time for a family out for the day. Dipping the scoop in a bowl of water in between cones and wrapping a napkin around each cone so your hand didn’t touch it was part of the job. When some people asked for doubles, it could be hard squeezing the scoop into the hard ice cream.  My fingers would be aching on Sunday!

When I had a part-time job at Seven Seas in Corner Brook, I mostly served ice cream with lemon or apple pies. Customers loved the taste of vanilla ice cream with these pies.

To think that there are so many kinds of ice cream available today, but we loved what we had back then. Banana splits and small sundaes were also served at Hi Way Diner and who can’t remember having one of those!  Perhaps simpler is better and enjoying a scoop of that ice cream is still not that different from what it was when we were children! Do we really need those big sundaes sold at Swiss Chalet or Dairy Queen?

a single vanilla ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich


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